Xftp 6.0

Xftp is a lightweight SFTP/FTP client for users who need to transfer files

Xftp 3.0 is a FTP (file transfer protocol ) client for Microsoft Windows. Like all FTP clients, it allows you to transfer files to/from any FTP server. What makes Xftp very special to many other similar products in many aspects is the wonderful easy-to-be-learned user interface which looks very professional and easy. The most interesting feature that this program offers, is the way it handles multiple FTP sessions. You can open as many FTP accounts you want at once without having to launch a new instance of the program. Another unique interesting feature is its support for both FTP and SFTP protocols. Furthermore, it can work as an SSH client so you can connect to your Secure Shell (SSH) through the using of both Public Keys and Passwords, it even provides a front-end for generating User Keys and managing of both User and Host Keys. Another wonderful feature is that it doesn't just list the files being transferred under each other but it shows them in a "collapse/expand" tree allowing for bulk pausing/resuming of these files. It has the ability to change file permissions through a visual window. You can use the upper address bar to quickly connect to any FTP server directly. Thanks to the many countless features integrated to this program, you will find all features that you need from a FTP client and you will never need to switch back to any other legacy FTP clients anymore.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Supports FTP, SFTP and SSH
  • Multiple FTP session support
  • Free for Home/ Students


  • No FXP support
  • You need to download Xshell to enable remote terminal support
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